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About Severnside Press

Tony has worked in hospitality for over 30 years and has always dreamed of running his own bed and breakfast. 

He and his partner Alex bought a holiday let in Lyme Regis, Dorset and turned it into a successful bed and breakfast. However, the property did not have a garden and the seaside resort has become too popular and crowded. So the search for a new adventure in a special part of the world that is rural Gloucestershire had begun over the pandemic. 


In 2021 after many months of discussions on lockdown walks, planning and searching for the property, the dream slowly started to come to fruition. And Severnside Press was purchased. It took almost a year to renovate this stunning Georgian property. 

The Severnside Press was used as a family run printing business and belonged to the same family for 99 years. Newnham is a village (albeit a small one) where once many people worked at making things – in the glass industry, at tanneries, even, once upon a time, building ships. Where there were businesses, there needed to be a printer, turning out letterheads, business cards, notices, and the like, using metal type and inky presses, in the days before ‘publishing’ was something people could do on their ‘desktop’.

But the printing business closed over 30 years ago and most rooms were used as a storage space.

Look through the images below to see what the Severnside Press used to look like. 

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